Eco-gardening and craftivism

The Leeds Craftivists group meet monthly on Zoom to be creative together and make change happen through their craft. Join us Monday 1st Feb, 7.30-9pm on Zoom for learning, chat and crafting on the theme of eco-gardening!

This year we are focusing all our efforts on climate change ahead of COP26. Each month we will have a session on a different theme around climate change and in February we are talking about all things gardening related. From peat free compost to using our garden as a home for biodiversity.

If want to be part of a creative group and/or want to use your voice for good on climate change then please register here:

Craftivist instructions

This month we are making seedling pots and you will need:

  • thin paper – green if you have it
  • an empty glass jar
  • felt tip pens to decorate your biogradeable seedling pot

We will then send one pot to either the local council asking them to start collecting food waste or to a garden centre asking them to stock peat free soil.

Please also send one pot to be added to our large art piece. Contact anna.bland@ywmethodist to get an address for this.

City wide campaign

We are also encouraging community groups across the city to get involved in some simple craftivism by making a green heart themselves. Each person will send it to a local leader who has the power to make important decisions on climate change.

We hope to influence all key sectors in Leeds, and beyond, to tell them why climate change is so important. Find more about the whole campaign here.

Image by Neslihan Gunaydin from unsplash

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