Money, the environment and craftivism

In 2021 the Leeds Craftivists are focusing on Climate Change ahead of COP26 in November. In May we will be talking about the tricky issue of money! Join us on Monday 10th May, 7.30-9pm for learning, discussing and creating together.

We will be looking at how money intersects with Climate Change. From the macro, the global picture, all the way to the micro, what decisions we have a the power to make with our money.

We will be using our creativity to encourage and thank banks who are making good decisions for the planet, as well as asking those who do invest in fossil fuels to stop for the sake of the planet.

You can register here:

We are also encouraging groups and individuals across the city to create their own green hearts to send to people in power. Find more about the whole campaign here.

Image by Micheile Henderson from Unsplash.

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