Leeds Craftivists: Sustainable Travel

Join the Leeds Craftivists for their monthly meet up. In August we will be learning about sustainable travel and what that could mean to us. Join us Monday 2nd August at 7.30pm on Zoom.

We will be hearing from someone who knows a lot about this topic as well as doing a Craftivist action in response. We hope you will join us, no craft abilities required 🙂

Every month we meet to discuss different elements of Climate Change. This is ahead of COP26 where world leaders meet to discuss their commitments to a sustainable future.

Register here

Nearer the time we will share information about the crafty action we will be doing and what you’ll need to bring.

Image by Patrick Hendry

Citywide campaign

Our citywide campaign is making Green Hearts so if you want to make a green heart in the meantime here is all the information you will need to do it as an individual or a group:

Green hearts session plan

Youth green heart session plan

Green heart church service

Or email Anna for more information: anna.bland@ywmethodist.org.uk

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