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Working for a just world is a key aim of LMM. We want to create spaces for learning and reflection as well as gently encouraging action. We support groups, individuals and campaigns to bring justice to our city of Leeds but also our nation and world.

Find all our blogs on craftivism and activism here.

Leeds Craftivists

Every month the Leeds Craftivists meet on Zoom on the first Monday of the month. In 2021 our theme is Climate Change ahead of COP26 and each month we focus on a different topic. For more information about what is coming up check out this blog post.

City wide green heart campaign

Join us in creating beautiful green hearts yourself or with your local community group, scouts group, class at school or church! We are using green hearts as a Craftivist action to ask local leaders to prioritise radical change on cliamte change. We have a session plan for adults and for young people.

Climate Sunday resource

Youth resource

Everyday Activism

Along with Leeds Church Institute we run a series of events that explore a different issue of social justice each time. We work on the structure learn, reflect, discuss then take a gentle and encouraging form of action on that topic. For us angry forms of activism have their place but want to create different spaces to show that everyone can work for justice using the gifts and interests they have. Keep an eye on our Events section to find out what is next.

You can read about some of our previous actions:

Ethical fashion

Asylum seeker rights

Climate change

At LMM we passionately believe climate change is a huge threat to our world today and we have been or are involved in various events and workshops to bring people together around this emotive and important topic.

There is a worship resource on our blog in response to the climate crisis that you can use to reflect at home.

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