Anastasia: a visual meditation

In many ways we will be feeling like this in our current situation. There is a not knowing about the virus, we cannot say as yet what the outcome will be, how many will live or die or how long we will have to stay in lockdown. It’s a very tough time for all of us in different ways.

Meditation for a pandemic

We have created a guided meditation for you to use at this strange time to help you still down, relax and reflect. You can find all of our guided meditations on our Reflect page. Music used was: White by Kevin MacLeod on a creative commons license. Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeod on a [...]

Asylum Seeker Rights: workshop in a blog

As with all non-essential gatherings our 'Asylum Seeker Rights' everyday activism event had to be postponed. In these strange and isolated days we are not powerless, these could be times of learning, reflecting, preparing and even taking some small actions on important topics. So here is the workshop we had planned in blog form, although [...]

Activism and Contemplation: two sides of the same coin?

Leeds has a fantastic activist community. People are fighting for change on many fronts: climate change, asylum seeker and refugee rights, air quality, the airport expansion, inequality, mental health, I could go on. When I started in my role as Development Officer for the Leeds Methodist Mission I was inspired by the passion of the [...]