Flourishing, Leeds Sanctuary


This week, Anna discusses Flourishing - a holistic, God-centred understanding of wellbeing... Flourishing is the final value of Leeds Sanctuary. This value was developed during Lockdown. We were seeing so many people struggling with their wellbeing that I started to explore wellbeing resources that might help people see themselves as a full, whole, complicated human… Continue reading Flourishing

Flourishing, Wellbeing

What is The Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a map of nine personality types. Like all other personality typing tools, it has the danger of simplifying and "boxing" each of us up; this is a criticism I have often heard levelled at it. However, if used carefully, thoughtfully and maybe even prayerfully, it can be an incredibly insightful lifelong journey… Continue reading What is The Enneagram?

Flourishing, Meditation, Reflection

Always Angry?

This meditation was written and recorded for us by our friend Tim from The Blackbird Project, who runs our Monday Mindfulness sessions. The meditation is an opportunity for you to examine emotions that may feel like they are always with you, with a short focus at the start on anger as an example. It is… Continue reading Always Angry?