Flourishing, Leeds Sanctuary


This week, Anna discusses Flourishing - a holistic, God-centred understanding of wellbeing... Flourishing is the final value of Leeds Sanctuary. This value was developed during Lockdown. We were seeing so many people struggling with their wellbeing that I started to explore wellbeing resources that might help people see themselves as a full, whole, complicated human… Continue reading Flourishing

Leeds Sanctuary, Sanctuary


This week, David discusses "Sanctuary"... Sanctuary offers us both our name and one of our values at Leeds Sanctuary. Like so many words it can mean different things to different people. What then does Sanctuary mean to us as the Methodist Church in Leeds City Centre? The Rock Chapel at St Bueno's Church, North Wales… Continue reading Sanctuary

Justice, Leeds Sanctuary


This week, Anna discusses "Justice", one of our core values at Leeds Sanctuary. The concept of "justice" has always been important to me. It has shaped my understanding of the world around me, informed the decisions I have made and helped me retain hope at times that have otherwise felt hopeless. I can remember as… Continue reading Justice

Encounter, Leeds Sanctuary


This week, Emily discusses "Encounter", one of our core values at Leeds Sanctuary. All of us, every day, have encounters. We encounter others in our homes, in our apartment buildings, down our streets, at school, on public transport, in the shops; the list goes on and the possibilities are endless. But encounter isn’t always easy.… Continue reading Encounter