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What is The Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a map of nine personality types. Like all other personality typing tools, it has the danger of simplifying and "boxing" each of us up; this is a criticism I have often heard levelled at it. However, if used carefully, thoughtfully and maybe even prayerfully, it can be an incredibly insightful lifelong journey… Continue reading What is The Enneagram?

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This meditation was kindly provided for us by Tim at Blackbird Mindfulness, who runs our weekly Monday Mindfulness sessions. This meditation was written and recorded to give you the opportunity to discover Stillness. Stillness can be found all the time, and this practice encourages you to still your mind and your heart, finding a comfortable… Continue reading Stillness

Meditation, Wellbeing


This meditation was kindly provided for us by Tim at Blackbird Mindfulness, who runs our Monday Mindfulness sessions. Sometimes our minds can be very busy; our thoughts darting and pulling our attention in different directions. This recording is an introduction to the practice of labelling your thoughts, empowering you to defuse them and take control.… Continue reading Labelling

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This month we have been thinking a lot about "home"... What is your relationship with home? Many of us find ourselves starting to spend more time at home and indoors at this time of year; there‚Äôs less daylight, and the weather is becoming increasingly cold and more unpredictable. This can present genuine challenges to our… Continue reading Home

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New Beginnings

September is a time of New Beginnings for so many... have you been contemplating what this next season will look like for you? Ask yourself this question with our guided meditation this month. Our guided meditations are inspired by mindfulness and ancient Christian contemplative practices. We hope to help you notice the present moment and… Continue reading New Beginnings

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Women’s Retreat – 24th July

Finding your flow: a women's retreat morning Join LMM and Touchstone for a retreat morning on the theme of 'finding your flow'. After a difficult year we all need some space for self care and self reflection. Book your place here. The theme 'finding your flow' invites you to reconnect after a year of grief,… Continue reading Women’s Retreat – 24th July