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At LMM we strongly believe in creating spaces to reflect, through meditation, mindfulness and thinking holistically about our wellbeing. In a world as busy, stressful and chaotic as ours people struggle to find moments of quiet.

Recent research has shown the huge benefit to our mental wellbeing of taking time to pause and take stock.Throughout Christian history, and many other faith and wisdom traditions, silence has been important. Seen a chance to connect to the divine but also a chance to reconnect with ourselves and the things important to us.

We have created a list of resources below to help you find a form of reflection that will work for you. So hopefully we can help you pause and reflect every now and then.

Weekly mindfulness group

Every Monday we meet on Zoom for 25 minutes of free mindfulness. No previous experience of mindfulness necessary – it is open to everyone.

To get your Zoom link click below.

Guided meditations and reflections

Guided meditation and reflections are a great place to start with meditation as they lead you into a place of stillness. We have our own regular guided meditations and reflections, scroll through the options below and choose a topic to start with.

If it is easier you can listen to all our podcasts and recorded meditations on your phone or tablet through your podcast app.
If you use the Apple Podcast app you can find us here.
If you use Spotify you can find us here.
Whichever podcast app you use just search ‘LMM’ and you should find us.


Mindfulness is a meditative technique that helps us pay more attention to what is happening in the present moment. It can help us understand our world and ourselves better. It is proved to have benefits for our wellbeing with it’s focus on the present moment and taking us to a place of stillness.

Each month Tim of Blackbird Mindfulness is recording a podcast taking us through the pillars of mindfulness. His gentle introduction is a great place to start with mindfulness and the episodes each month will give us a greater grounding in the practice. Find them below:

Art meditations

For those of you who want to meditate through the practical and the creative you could try our art meditations. Every week a new art meditation, by local artist Shaeron Caton-Rose is put on our blog.

Each week there is something to read, art to look at, something to reflect on and something creative to do. They can work well as small group resources or for inidividuals. Check out our blog to find the latest one.

Other forms of meditation

Christian Meditation

Mantra meditation has a long history in many world religions, it is a process of repeating a word or phrase along with your breath. The World Community of Christian Meditation local group have a couple of weekly session you would be welcome to join. They are at:

Wednesday 6pm and Friday 10am

If you want to join one of these groups please email Carmel:

Centring Prayer

Centring prayer is a form of self-emptying meditation open to everyone. There is a strong Christian theology behind it and similar practices are part of the tradition in many world religions.

Take time

Explicitly Christian meditation using our imagination of Biblical stories. There are lots of free resources on the Take Time website so you can give it a try.


If you would like to be part of a community on WhatsApp of people who reflect together about spirituality, life, faith and justice please get in touch with Anna:, 07903755995.

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