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At LMM we strongly believe in creating spaces to reflect, through meditation, mindfulness and thinking holistically about our wellbeing. In a world as busy, stressful and chaotic as ours people struggle to find moments of quiet. We have created a list of resources below to help you find a form of reflection that will work for you.

Guided meditations

Guided meditation is a great place to start with meditation as they still you and bring to you back to a restful place. We have our own regular guided meditations the latest of these is below:


Mindfulness is a meditative technique that helps us pay more attention to what is happening in the present moment. It can help us understand our world and ourselves better.

Try mindfulness using our ‘Mindfulness for difficult times’ course. Cathy Ward, mindfulness teacher, takes you through 6 techniques of mindfulness very gently, anyone can try it however difficult things feel for you in the current moment.

Session 1: Bobyscan

Session 2: Gentle movement

Session 3: Grounded movement

Session 4: Kindness

Session 5: Circles

Session 6: Post exercise

Take a look at Headspace to explore mindfulness more regularly.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation has a long history in many world religions, it is a process of repeating a word or phrase along with your breath. The World Community of Christian Meditation have an excellent ‘how to’ guide to get you started.

Centring Prayer

Centring prayer is a form of self-emptying meditation open to everyone. There is a strong Christian theology behind it and similar practices are part of the tradition in many world religions.


If you would like to be part of a community on WhatsApp of people who reflect together about spirituality, life, faith and justice please get in touch with Anna:, 07903755995.

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