Leeds Craftivists – January – What is Climate Justice?

Anna tells us about Climate Justice ahead of our first Leeds Craftivists meeting of 2022... Climate Justice looks at the inequality of Climate Change; acknowledging that many of the poorer nations around the world are impacted far worse by our changing climate than those of us in wealthy western countries. Climate Change is the result… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists – January – What is Climate Justice?

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Climate Justice: where social justice and climate change meet

Climate Justice is the Leeds Craftivists theme for 2022. We will be exploring issues of social justice and where they intersect with the Climate Crisis. Climate Justice explores the fact that Climate Change does not impact everyone equally. We in Britain are relatively fortunate in the impact that Climate Change has on us, although we… Continue reading Climate Justice: where social justice and climate change meet

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Postcards from the Edge

“I’d rather be in the mountains thinking about God than in church thinking about the mountains” John Muir "Mend" Take a look at the two images, what do you see? There are obvious connections, even though the two pictures are quite different in style and were made at two different stages of my art career.… Continue reading Postcards from the Edge


Leeds Craftivists: Biodiversity

Each month the Leeds Craftivists meet on Zoom to learn about a different element of Climate Change. We have a speaker and do a creative action. On Monday 7th June, 7.30-9pm we are learning about and discussing biodiversity. You can register to join us here. We will be hearing from Catherine Mercer of the Yorkshire… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists: Biodiversity


Money, the environment and craftivism

In 2021 the Leeds Craftivists are focusing on Climate Change ahead of COP26 in November. In May talked about the tricky issue of money! We heard from Dr Mark Davis about the power of money and its connection to Climate Change. We learned about CMIs (community municipal investments) which invest in local green projects, one… Continue reading Money, the environment and craftivism


Leeds Green Hearts Campaign 2021 – Youth resource

In November 2021, our world leaders are meeting to discuss climate change and what commitments they are making to reduce their nation’s carbon footprint. This is important for the future of the whole world. This conference is called COP26 and is being held in Glasgow in Scotland - the perfect place for UK leaders to… Continue reading Leeds Green Hearts Campaign 2021 – Youth resource


Craftivism for policy change

The Leeds Craftivists group meet monthly on Zoom to be creative together and make change happen through their craft. In March it was all about policy change through the CEE Bill and we heard from MP Alex Sobel. Thank you for all who joined us at this event. The CEE bill is a vital and… Continue reading Craftivism for policy change


Climate Craftivism 2021

The wonderful Leeds Craftivist group meet every month and are planning a city wide campaign ahead of COP26 in 2021! City wide campaign Are you part of a community group? Do you want to make your voice heard on climate change? Please take part in our green heart action this year. We are asking people… Continue reading Climate Craftivism 2021


Ethical fashion and craftivism

The Leeds Craftivism group are a creative bunch who meet every month and this year we are focusing on climate change in many different areas of our life. In April we were talking about all things ethical fashion. Where to shop, where to recycle, how to mend clothing and how to avoid clothing going into… Continue reading Ethical fashion and craftivism