We believe every person has the right to a full, rewarding and joyful life. We use the term “human flourishing” to describe what we want to encourage people towards, which is inspired by the faith tradition at the heart of this project.

We believe that everyone can make small changes to improve their wellbeing. We see wellbeing as holistic and want to create resources that encompass every part of what makes us who we are and every element of our lives.

We have published a number of wellbeing resources on our Blog, including Mindfulness Podcasts and Art Meditations. We also run wellbeing courses – these can be booked for your organisation privately, or alternatively you can check our Events page to see when the next one is and for details of how to sign-up. Details are always released on social media too: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Additional Resources

A 10 minute exercise to get people thinking about their wellbeing in a holistic way. Could be used in a meeting or as part of a small group session.

Over 10 weeks discover what it means to have a holistic response to wellbeing. There is an introductory week, a week per pillar and a concluding week. The session length will depend on what kind of group you have.

For group of 2 or 3 close friends to explore their wellbeing as individuals, community and global citizens. A potential starting point for groups of good friends.

Creating safe spaces

A few ideas about how your meetings, events and activities can be inclusive of everyone. These ideas will help to create a safe space for people who are struggling.

5 ways to wellbeing

A write-up of a 5 week course we ran for a group of women during lockdown in Spring 2021. Give it a read and if you want to do something similar please get in touch.

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